Sunday, 22 February 2015

Log splitting at Styal on Sunday 22nd February 2015

12 of us braved the predicted awful weather at Styal to cut logs and burn felled trees from the estate.  Simon the ranger is trying to clear trees to restore the view to the village, clear damaged trees and also for a possible new home for newts!
A group used the logging machine to clear some felled trees.  Another two groups started to build fires and cut branches ready for burning.  The logging team did an amazing job and filled two trailers full of freshly cut logs.  With a lot of work and some help from the rangers we eventually got two fires going.

Unfortunately the weather made a turn from bad to awful and we finished early, being tagged out by the junior rangers.  I think Simon was quite pleased with how much we achieved in the conditions. 

Some of us went for a hot drink next to radiators in the cafe to dry out before driving home.
Thanks for all the hard work volunteers! See you all soon.

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