Monday, 28 September 2015

Stall at Styal Wood Fair, Sunday 27th September 2015

No conservation today - instead we were spreading the word about MNTV, and the wonderful things we do, to the general public at the annual Wood Fair at Styal. And hopefully we'd be able to bag a few new members too!

It was chilly with a heavy dew when four of us set up Daniel's gazebo in the mill meadow, but once the sun climbed above the trees it was very pleasant. Some long hours with scissors, glue and sticky back plastic had meant we actually had some up-to-date looking display boards this year, rather than embarrassing throwbacks to 20 years ago!

Displays including some pictures from this decade!

Several of the group manned the stall all day while a few others came and went during the day. Sue proved to be extremely adept at extracting email addresses from passers-by, so hopefully some of those will turn into members that come out on workdays with us.

There was time for a wander in the garden in the sunshine, and a gander at the other stalls in the meadow. When the sun dropped behind the trees again it got decidely chillier, which signalled time to pack up.

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