Sunday, 24 July 2016

Thistle thrashing at Lyme Park on Sunday 24th July 2016

High on a hill was a lonely ranger
Yodel ay ee yodel ay ee yodel ay hee hoo
Loud was the voice of the lonely ranger
Yodel ay ee yodel ay ee yodel oo

Actually, the ranger wasn't lonely at all, as he was accompanied by eight members of MNTV. The high hill in question was in Lyme Park, overlooking the Cage and with a fine view to Manchester and the Cheshire plain. Just below us was the Deer Sanctuary, where groups of stags and groups of hinds eyed us suspiciously.
We worked our way across quite a swathe of ground, slashing thistles, which might otherwise take over.
The ground was quite uneven, but only one of us managed to fall over (and was unhurt, except possibly for pride). It was a warm day, but cloudy. Sun cream and insect repellent came in handy and the lemon cake went down well.
(photo's by Adrian)

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