Sunday, 16 October 2016

Tidying up at South Head, Hayfield on Sunday 16th October 2016

A poor weather forecast plus Adrian's work commitments meant just four volunteers today, of whom only three arrived.

Of all our worksites, Hayfield is the most exposed to the elements, so we were very glad when Shane told us (after demonstrating the extraordinary flexibility in his new shoulder) that we'd be working under cover.

We did some general tidying of the tool shed at South Head Farm, followed by lunch, followed by some general tidying of the barn, by which time it was a lovely afternoon.

It was great to catch up with Shane and Mark, and to have a visible impact on the tool shed (especially the windows). The only downsides were the low turnout and the fact that the 'assistant leader' put the chocolate brownies in the wrong bag!
Lisa does a fine 'George Formby'

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