Sunday, 2 April 2017

Tree work at Styal on Sunday 2nd April 2017

Eight of us turned up on this bright and sunny Spring day.
We were working in the old orchard at the side of the old police house where Terry Waite lived as a boy because his dad was the village bobby.
We had to remove a willow tree which blew down in the winter and an ash tree which was near to the houses and which we had to guide down by use of a rope to make sure that it fell the right way - fortunately, it did!!
We also removed lower branches from some trees to let more light down to the ground.
The lop and top was burned on quite an impressive bonfire.
All in all a very successful workday which resulted in a lot being done and a much clearer site.

Text and some photo's from Adrian, additional photo's from Karin.

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