Monday, 12 June 2017

Bracken bashing at Lyme Park on 11th June 2017

Ten eager volunteers met the ranger in the car park at Lyme Park this week.  The task was to clear the bracken threatening to swamp the recent planting undertaken after the clearance of rhododendron.  As we have spent many workdays removing the dreaded rodi we were well acquainted with the site and it was great to see the new oak, beech, cherry and ash that have been planted and to further aid in the area's return to native British woodland.

A previous group of volunteers had been out with the slashers but had made a lacklustre attempt, barely clearing six inches around the saplings and missing out many entirely.  We however ploughed in with gusto, wielding the three-foot long slashers with great aplomb and clearing a minimum of five feet around each tree giving them plenty of breathing space.  After we had completed the clearance around the planting we made the steep hike to a path that was being swamped by bracken and had a go at that, clearing an impressive length and only calling it a day when the rain set in.

The leader on the day forgot to provide cake much to the dismay of all concerned and after due ribbing promises never to do it again (!)


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