Sunday, 19 November 2017

Rhody bash at Hayfield on Sunday 19th November 2017

Nine of us gathered in the Sett Valley Trail car park at 9.30am to meet up with Shane, Miles and Mark, the Kinder, Edale and Dark Peak Rangers. Also we met with David, a free-lance reporter and photographer, who stayed with us for our workday to find out about MNTV, what we do and why we do it!
From the car park, we moved our vehicles to Park Hall to find out what we would be doing during the day.
The morning was to be spent walking through the moors, spread out to cover as large an area as we could between us, trying to spot re-growth of rhody that could be pulled up with their roots. These were then shaken to get most of the 'soil' off and left to dry out so they couldn't re-root.
Walking the moors, trying to spot rhody re-growth
After we all had met back at the cars, it was very late for our morning break but too early for lunch. We had a debate and decided to just have our break so I got out the (shop bought!!) cakes to share around. Once finished, we went to find Shane so we'd know what we would be doing next, but he was being interviewed by David, so we decided to have our lunch as well:-)
By the time we'd finished eating, Shane was able to tell us that we'd be cutting down the established rhody close to where the cars were - so we set to it!
Working hard
As we were working and chatting, we saw the ducks that lived on the pond at Park Hall, a couple of peacocks, heard about the swimming pool (no longer in use!) towards the back of the patch we were cutting and about how it was hoped to create bat highways soon by cutting back the tree's and branches that were too close to the power lines. Such a great way to spend an afternoon.
In the thick of it!
Six of us then went back on the moors with Mark to find more rhody, so we could 'pose' for a photo for David, to accompany his article for the Trust. He hopes it will be accepted by local newspapers and will also help to advertise the great times we have whilst volunteering with MNTV!!!!!
Photo's by Adrian

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