Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bracken Bash - Hayfield 13 June

I was on holiday for this one - so thanks to M. for the words...

We had a great day out at Hayfield today, as per usual. We were 10 of us in attendance

With us was Shane and Mark and we had a very good productive day backen bashing with Jungle Bashers (long, almost like mashetie style or sword like "weapons"). We cleared most of the hillside and Shane is planning to get us back in autumn next year to plant trees there. They have been contacted by a local lady who has said that she wants to donate money for tree planting. Fingers crossed, would be great to go back and continue the project.

In fact, MNTV has been tree planting there before and you can see that the trees are well established and are making a real difference to the look of the countryside.

Great day all together with the sun shining, good banter and loads of bracken being NO MORE:

I'm wondering if I planted any of those trees.... as one of my first sundays with the group was tree planting up there some years ago - I'll have to check!

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