Monday, 22 May 2017

Fence removal at Styal on Sunday 21st May 2017

Fourteen of us ventured to Styal to remove fencing with some members of the Chester and Merseyside groups. A small group had to be rescued by Neil after getting lost en route to the site (sorry guys, I can make cakes but am directionally challenged!) and then we all set to work removing masses of wire fencing.
Christine and Neil dismantle the old fence
We raced through the area that Colin had planned for us to tackle, with a short break for cupcakes made by my wonderful nieces.

Neil clearly advertises the group while everyone else blurredly eats cake
By dinner we had completed the whole area and Colin found us more fencing to fight for the afternoon. There was much wrestling of wire, fighting with undergrowth and baling twine - thanks Jenny for bringing her pen knife. Neil showed us a new game of playing trampoline on rolls of wire and Tricia looked like she had been fighting with bears!
Neil bounces vigorously on the rolls of old wire
Thanks to everyone who worked incredibly hard in pretty humid weather. It was a hard day but we accomplished great things.

Hope to see you all soon


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