Monday, 11 June 2018

Cleft chestnut fencing at Styal on Sunday 10th June 2018

Twelve eager volunteers, including Hayley who joined us for the first time today, headed off to Chapel Wood for some cleft chestnut fencing.  It was a hot day but being in the woods gave us some nice shade for what was at times quite strenuous work.

I now know what this type of fencing is.  It is very rustic posts dug approx. 3 feet into the ground with slots cut out to put the cross bars into - all very rustic but very effective.  Trish has now become our expert slot cutter outerer, using a battery drill and chisels.

The ranger Craig's daughter joined us for a few minutes whilst bringing her dad's lunch.  We couldn't tempt her to join us with a bribe of pineapple but she left us quite happy with a piece of cake.

We had a good day but didn't quite meet the estimated target which averages one post per person in the group, but Craig was more than happy as we did have a few difficult post holes to dig.

Thanks to everyone for the hard work and good company.  I hope we haven't frightened Hayley off joining us again.  Also thanks to Craig for the excellent workday and we wish him and his wife all the best on the arrival of daughter number two in a few days time.


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