Sunday, 24 June 2018

Drainage work at Hayfield on Sunday 24th June 2018

This Sunday 13 of us travelled to Hayfield in glorious summer weather. We began by splitting into two groups and tackling the drains on the road used by mountain rescue to get up onto the hills. The group from the top managed to clear most of the grips while the bottom group dug out the drain by the side of the road which had become overgrown. It was hard work in the heat and was greatly helped by the arrival of the group from the top. At one point we had all volunteers in a line digging away!

 Cake was saved for lunch when we went back to South Head farm to meet Shane, who is retiring from his role as ranger of this amazing site. We presented him with cupcakes spelling out “thanks Shane” and a card from MNTV and listened to some stories from years past. While we sat on the patio enjoying the sunshine and cake Christine went round and up and down the garden throwing sticks for dogs!
At South Head for lunch
"Thanks Shane"
After lunch we headed down the hillside stopping at grids to clear them of soil and stones to avoid flooding when it eventually rains again. Mick managed a quick paddle in a stream and we had a brief listen to the England match via the radio in the van.

Well done volunteers for keeping on despite the heat.

Thanks Shane for welcoming MNTV and always finding us jobs to do, for letting us play chase the stick with Rhona and we wish you a very happy retirement.

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