Sunday, 5 August 2018

MNTV at Lyme Park tackling deer fencing on Sunday 5th August

A good turn out today on a sunny day with 13 of us to work on the deer fencing down in the gully of the main drive, to stop the deer getting into the wood.
The ranger had had contractors in to do the heavy work putting in new fence posts, our job was to remove the rotten old posts and staple the original wire to the new posts. As we were such a large group we also trimmed the vegetation hanging over the path through the woods.
We split into 2 teams to work on each side of the fence, but we still managed to pass tools and cake through the bars.
inside or out?
The rangers spent the day nearby with the tractor trying to find hay to cut for the deer as it will be in short supply this winter, due to the hot dry summer.
After finishing work for the day we walked back to the main drive and flagged down one of the park and ride busses for a lift back to the car park, saving a walk in the hot sun.
When we arrived at the carpark Chris the lead ranger bought us all an ice-cream. Thanks Chris. We will be back again in 2 weeks  😊
Text and photo from Jenny

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