Friday, 17 August 2018

Scrub clearance Speke Hall on Sunday 12th August 2018

Today we made our second visit of the summer to Speke Hall in Liverpool.  It followed our day balsam bashing there on 1st July.  Seven of us assembled in the carpark for a 10:30 start.  Daniel and passengers Laura and Hayley had the excitement of traversing the newly-opened Mersey Gateway Bridge.

Our task was cutting down brambles, saplings, tree branches and scrub along a 2 to 3 metre wide corridor on the boundary of the car park and airport.  This is done on a regular basis to be ‘good neighbours’ and allows airport security to more easily spot cuts in the fencing / damage.  We cracked on quickly and because the scrub wasn’t thick had cleared the 300 metre length by 2pm.

We were surprised that aeroplanes were taking off only every 10 to 15 minus compared to the every 60 to 90 seconds at Manchester Aiport.  Most of them were Easyjet or Ryanair but we saw a few single seaters too.

At 2 o'clock we met Ian Ford (Ranger) at the new Visitors Centre who took us to the hall, told us about its history and showed us to the old male and female yew trees (Adam and Eve) in the courtyard.  Ian then left us and we looked round the hall at our leisure before leaving at 3:30.

This was our last visit to Speke this year.  We will be back in 2019 and with the MGB open it is now just a 35 minute journey from Styal.


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