Saturday, 8 December 2018

'Gaslight' at MADS theatre on 6th December 2018

Six of us (Andy, Sue B, Daniel, Neil, Linda and Sue D) went to the theatre in Macclesfield tonight to see MADS's production of Patrick Hamilton's 'Gaslight'.  We enjoyed their performance of 'Season's Greetings' so much last December that we had thought ever since of returning to see this year's Christmas production.

The play is a thriller set in Victorian London:

"Despite seemingly having every advantage and an outwardly doting husband, Bella is being driven slowly mad... but can the cause of her madness truly be her husband?  What is the dark, terrible, secret lurking in his past, and where does he disappear to each evening?  Left alone in her dingy parlour with the gaslight periodically dimming and the shadows surrounding her, is Bella really going insane?  Does police detective Rough hold all the answers?  Will anybody be able to save her from her darkened fate..."

Before the play, four of us met Jenny and Ian at Kandy, a Sri Lankan restaurant on Mill Street, and enjoyed a delicious meal.

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