Friday, 26 April 2019

33rd AGM on Thursday 25th April 2019

We held our AGM tonight in the Council Room at Norcliffe Chapel, Styal.  11 members attended plus Iain Thistlethwaite (Ranger, High Peak Estate).

Daniel delivered his Chairman's Report for the year ended 31 March and the Treasurer's Report for the same period.

Room set up

17 members achieved 50-hour Volunteer Cards in the year.  Seven were collected at the AGM and Daniel will post out the rest.

Volunteer Cards & car stickers ready for collection

Adrian, Ally, Daniel, Denise, Sue and Tricia were elected to the Committee for 2019-20.

After the AGM and refreshments, Iain gave us an excellent talk about the 'MoorLIFE 2020' project.  He described the work that the Trust and partners are doing on Kinder Scout and across the South Pennines to:
  • stabilise and revegetate bare peat
  • install mini dams in drainage channels to rewet the blanket bog
  • plant sphagnum moss, a major component of blanket bog
MNTV has had workdays on the Kinder plateau planting cotton grass and will be able to help with this project in future.  Fingers crossed that the work is not destroyed by wildfires such as the recent ones on Marsden and Ilkley Moors.

Daniel Black
MNTV Chairman

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