Sunday, 14 April 2019

Path work at Thurstaston on Sunday 14th April 2019

Only four of us made the trip to the Wirral peninsula this weekend, but we had a great day out in the sun and got lots of work done.

We were laying a path on the edge of woodland near Thurstaston Common. A path already exists, but is just trodden into the dirt. We were continuing previous work to create a proper surfaced path by knocking in a wooden edge, lining the base with weed suppressing fabric and covering with an MOT mix to create a hard wearing surface that will still allow the path to drain.

 In the morning we focussed on putting in the wooden edging, using stakes on either side of the edging to create the required curve. The path was popular with walkers and there were plenty of friendly greetings from passers by, both human and canine.

 After lunch we continued to extend the edging but also started laying the fabric and overtopping this with the path surface.

By the end of the day we’d added about 30 yards to the length of the path - a satisfying task with clearly visible progress. We’ll be doing some more path work nearby in a few weeks.

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