Sunday, 27 January 2019

Fencing at Bosley Cloud on Sunday 27th January 2019

It was a cold and very blustery day for our second visit to Bosley Cloud this year.  Once again our planned worktask changed due to there being just three hardy volunteers - well that was two plus myself!  This worked out well for Tim (Ranger) as it enabled him to complete a job started last year but not finished ... something more important kept cropping up.

We met Tim a little later than usual (at 10 o'clock) to enable him to collect required materials then went in his pickup to Red Lane.  Here there are two footpaths to the Cloud and we were working on the lower path.  Our task was to take out old fencing, move one of the new posts to a better position and replace with new cleft fencing.  Whilst David and myself started on this, Andy dug a hole for a new National Trust sign at the stile entrance.  Tim had to cut the notches in the posts using drill and chisel plus shape the rails using his chainsaw.  

Team work prevailed and we just managed to get it all completed in time.  We met several walkers checking on the best route to use but didn't get anyone to volunteer to help. 


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