Sunday, 13 January 2019

Task change at Lyme Park on Sunday 13th January 2019

Today we were due to have a Rhodi bash and fire to burn the rhododendron in Lantern Wood, but the weather forecast was predicting rain, wind and gusts of up to 46mph so, erring on the side of caution, we were asked to neaten up the edges along the drive from the Stables to the East Lodge holiday cottage instead, so that the vehicles that used that road didn't damage the edges any further.
The weather didn't put off our enthusiastic volunteers as 16 turned up today:-)
We worked mainly away from the tree's, which was good, and close enough to the Stables to be able to use the Rangers room for our break and lunchtime, plus we had the luxury of being able to use a flushing toilet!!
We spent most of the day cutting back the edges and putting the surplus into barrows before they were tipped into the tractor for disposal. Jenny also got the opportunity to use the leaf blower to blow the leaves and mud off the drive.
We'd finished by lunchtime and so, after lunch, we did the same around the front of the Stables, before the rain came down quite heavily around 3pm.
We were pleased that we'd managed to make it all look a lot tidier:-)
 Photo's courtesy of Adrian.

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